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Richard Simons

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(Permalink) Posted: Feb. 10 2009,08:35   

Quote (RFJE @ Feb. 10 2009,05:01)
My purpose is not to be proud. You people lynched me.

The reaction you got is the normal reaction to be expected when a complete know-nothing comes blasting in, convinced that they have all the answers and that the scientists are completely ignorant on the subject they have spent decades studying.
 I was only showing you that the research is there for all to see, AND there are credentialed people in science that do not share your worldview or theory.

Do you seriously think that we are not aware of these people that those on the creation/ID side believe to be credentialed and therefore correct? And you accuse us of arrogance!

My points are elementary.

So why did you assume that no-one has considered them?
It is not required that I have a PHD in biochemistry to see the problems your theory has.

Interestingly, even people with PhDs have failed to find problems in the theory of evolution. In fact, the better a person is informed on the topic, the less likely they are to have problems with it.
You want to talk about humility, now you are entering into my arena of study and practice.

I recall you've said you've been a missionary. In my opinion, nobody is as arrogant as a missionary. Imagine, that of the thousands of religions around, you have found the one true one and are sufficiently convinced that you have the urge to convert all others. What could possibly be more arrogant?

All sweeping statements are wrong.

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