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Quote (dogdidit @ July 22 2009,06:25)
But seriously, and no offense intended, you need some professional help, dude.

Heh heh.

It is not my habit to venture into the tard mines. Being cowardly and fearing for my sanity, I am content to feed on those morsels brought to the surface here. However, upon seeing the above, I inferred that a particularly choice nugget must be lurking nearby. Against my better judgment, I was drawn to seek it out. Holding my breath against the foul vapors therein, I descended into those loathsome pits, and lo, what did I behold ? A diabolical gem of tard:
Quote (denial @ tard,pit)
The forces are already beginning the strategic alignments of disparate God-hating groups. One key element will be conservative Muslims aligned with extreme left-wing radicals and atheists. Such alignments make no sense in the physical world, but they make perfect sense in the spiritual world.

That's right, God-hating groups like conservative Muslims. Makes sense in the spiritual world Daniels psychotic delusion. Seriously dude, get help.

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