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Quote (Daniel Smith @ May 09 2009,13:10)
Quote (rhmc @ May 03 2009,17:33)
Quote (Daniel Smith @ May 03 2009,17:37)
I don't read oldman's posts.  I've explained my reasons for this several times.  He knows that but just keeps on posting anyway.  Same with Louis.

both have posed valid questions.  

to be honest, it kinda looks like you can't answer them and that's why you claim you don't read their posts.

so, instead of reading their posts, here's two questions:

where is the evidence for the biblical flood?

where is the genetic evidence of a human population of only 8 people from which all of us descend?

I've covered this several times.

I did not come here to debate the flood.... 

...I came here to point out the fact that the atheists here do not know how life came to be, do not know how life evolved, and ignore its obvious design.In conclusion, the atheistic position, as it has been expressed here, is one characterized by narrow mindedness, cowardice, a lack of knowledge, willful ignorance and extreme bias.  Add to that a healthy dose of judgmental egotism and you'll accurately describe the average atheist posting here.


perhaps, but the one thing those "atheists" have presented is something called evidence.

evolution occurs and can be shown to occur.

please show us your evidence.

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