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I watched the ceremony at a local Greek/Cuban/Italian restaurant (Spaghetti Tuesday, all you can eat for $3.95!) with five of my co-workers:  a live-and-let-live non-denominational Christian (my officemate whom I adore), a new age woo-slinger (thinks all medical doctors are in the pocket of Big Pharma), an ultra-liberal atheist Amazon (even taller than me, which is downright scary!), a lapsed Mormon (my boss), and a kinda'-Christian Freemason (complete with secret decoder ring and cryptic handshake!).

When Warren came on, I booed, which elicited eye rolls and "down girls" from all assembled.  When Obama mentioned "non-believers", I got a high five from my fellow Amazon.  When he mentioned the restoration of science to its proper place we both whooped with joy.  

At the speech's conclusion, ALL of us (including the two who voted for McCain) applauded.  Immediately, a loud boo came from the back of the restaurant, which we had thought we had all to ourselves.  Minutes later, a pissed off redneck stalked out, glaring at us.

Welcome to my little slice of cousin-humping, mouth-breathing, Rapture monkey-infested, rural Florida.  I do believe it's even worse than yours, Steve.   ;)

I've found my personality to be an effective form of birth control.

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