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Quote (Tracy P. Hamilton @ Nov. 04 2008,13:06)

HSUS does not run animal shelters to my knowledge.   Not one. The AHA does.  Are you sure you are not confusing the two ?

And perhaps this is where the confusion comes in.

Looking at PA shelters here many have "humane society" as part of their name.  I'm not sure if all of these are associated with the national group, but I do know that some of them run (or ran) shelters.

In my area, we always referred to the shelters as either the SPCA or the Humane Society, since both ran shelters.  On many of the websites of these places it isn't specifically clear if they are associated with HSUS or the AHA.  They make no statements either way and may not even be associated with either.

So, the HSUS might not run shelters, but we do have groups calling themselves Humane Society that do.  Those groups that I was referring to do not have the radical stances Wes was talking about.

I linked HSUS, thinking they were related, and it seems that is probably an error.  mea culpa.  My interactions with local humane societies have always been positive, and I think my volunteer time post-Katrina was through HSUS, although it might have been SPCA...I can't remember as I applied to both.  Not defending them, just that I had never come across the actions Wes was describing.  But maybe that was because i was dealing with local humane societies or the AHA and not HSUS.

Either way, back to a less contentious subject like politics.

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