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The SPCA and the American Humane Association are legitimate animal welfare organizations. I favor animal welfare efforts.

PETA, HSUS, and various other groups are radical animal rights advocates. Their goal is to eliminate all domesticated animals, any used for food, service, or as pets. HSUS is simply sneakier about it than PETA. One of the current wedge issues is passing mandatory spay and neuter laws. The implementation of these impose high burdens on pet owners keeping intact animals, including high annual fees and fines for non-compliance. The intent is to force as many breeders as possible out of business, as well as insuring that individuals breeding the pet animals affected becomes a rarity. The political strategy used by these groups has been unfortunately effective: browbeating and pressure applied to individual lawmakers and their families. I cannot express the contempt I have for these folks.

HSUS came along well after the American Humane Association and created their name with the apparent intent of sowing as much confusion as possible. The AHA was the organization behind the founding and running of many animal shelters around the country, not HSUS. HSUS capitalizes on the ambiguity inherent in their name to undercut charitable giving that would otherwise enrich the legitimate animal welfare organization, the AHA. Please do not confuse the two or perpetuate that confusion in others.

I wasn't trying to confuse them, I just honestly didn't know if there was a specific group that was big in Michigan or if it was something else.

I also referenced the SPCA and HSUS because sometimes people use 'animal rights' and 'animal welfare' interchangeably.  I mostly associate them with shelters, as those are the two main groups in my area that run them.  I'm not sure how much statewide and local Humane Society is associated with national level stuff.  Their local actions surely aren't that extreme, although that may be your point.

Also, being in Pennsylvania, there is a great deal of discussion and debate about puppy breeding vs. puppy mills and what not, so I'm not always sure what people mean by animal rights and animal welfare.  Different groups seem to interpret it differently.

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