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Arden and others have hit on something that’s been bouncing around my head.

The what-if-Obama-lost question.  Now, I’m not talking about something drastically changing people’s opinion of him and there is no question as to why e.g. video where he clubs a baby seal with a burning a flag whilst, and at the same time, proclaiming the superiority of futbol to football.  I mean if there was a combination of the Bradley Effect, swing voters, and whatever else that McCain won.  Even just the suspicion of an election being stolen might have a bigger impact on the country than last time.

One of the biggest impacts Obama has had on this election is the increase of new voters; from the typically apathetic college crowd to the typically distrustful minority voters.  They have been added to both sides but Democrats seem to have the majority.  In general, they seem to have finally been convinced that their vote matters and that they can make a difference.  That being the case, if Obama were to lose, I have been wondering if we’d have a huge backlash against voting for generations.  It might further galvanize people to vote again, but I’m wondering if it wouldn’t turn people off voting for good.  (This may be a reason for Erasmus to vote for McCain ;) )

Then, of course, there is the racial issue.  However we want to discuss it, there will be people voting purely on race this year.  Voting for Obama based only on skin is no less stupid than voting against him for the same reason.  We would be naïve to think it isn’t happening but how much of an impact it will have is anyone’s guess.  But there seems to be a sense of entitlement (another terrible idea in politics) among some black communities, such as Philadelphia (quick note: I’m not saying all, but from what I read and hear about ‘it’s our time’ and being ‘due’ and all similar comments, there seems to be a strong sense of ‘about time!’ beyond excitement.  Some women also had this with Clinton and do with Palin).  I think if Obama were to lose and there was even the smallest of a question of legitimacy, race riots would not surprise me.  There are some people that have placed so much on his candidacy (IMO too much) that if it were taken away, the anger roused would be palpable.

Don’t get me wrong; I think it is a terrible idea to vote for someone out of fear of what might happen in a highly hypothetical situation.  I’m not even sure that it would happen, but just kind of judging the anger that followed the last two elections and adding in a racial element…just wondering what would happen.  I also don’t mean to sound like a Chicken Little, but as far as our country has progressed in race relations, we are very blind to the shortfalls that we still have and how far we have to go.

I, too, can’t wait until this election is over…it bothers me that the majority of my posts have been on this topic.  My own fault but it just kind of dominates.

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