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I should make it clear that I'm not for cutting science funding, but I do agree that there is a lot of stuff that could be/should be cut from the federal budget.  (I'm thinking of a war or two right off the top of my head.)

I also agree that teachers are way underpaid, and that NCLB has been a detriment to education. I also agree that some programs, like the spelling stuff that Ftk mentioned, are excessive and not well-balanced: there are times when you want to encourage fluency in young writers and therefore can tolerate inventive spelling, but you also need a solid strand of instruction in conventional spelling, and you need times when correct spelling in a finished product is expected.

However, I also know that the right wing often (usually?) exaggerates the flaws of public education and fails to put both our efforts and the challenges we face from the broader society into perspective. (IAAPSE, by the way - I am a public school educator.)

So I'm sure I'm not in total agreement with FtK concerning the post in question above, and I'm sure that we would differ on what parts of he budget we should cut.  I'm for education, health, and social services, for instance, and against war.

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