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Quote (Ftk @ Oct. 03 2008,14:12)
Honest to God, I meant Red states, Arden.  I already knew that...that's why I said midwest Christians.  Then I went on to explain what I think may affect those results.

I'd like to throw out one more thing here.

If Arden had said that the number of Christians that get divorced is higher than other groups, then you could easily say ' well, yes, because there are more of them, duh'.  And you would be right and we could all point and laugh at Arden.

But he asked about rates.  Well that's different and your objections don't really matter.

Look at it this way:

Group A: 5 couples out of 100 get divorced
Divorce rate: 5%

Group B: 500 couples out of 10,000 divorced
Divorce rate: 5%

So if you look at pure numbers, 100 times as many Group B couples got divorced as Group A but they have the same rate.  One group being larger than the other has doesn't directly affect the rate.

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