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Quote (Ftk @ Oct. 03 2008,13:31)
From my experience [which of course is limited cuz' I'm a friggin' creationist loon who never leaves my church], I've often found that those with very high IQs often lack a great deal of common sense and don't always make the best decisions.  They also seem to have trouble keeping their marriages and family together.  It would be interesting to see some research into this.

I can tell you stories about dumb people making dumb  We both have anecdotes which means practically nothing.  Yes, high IQ people can make terrible decisions and average and low IQ people can make good ones...we haven't established causation or even correlation.

People have marriage problems.  Period.  It doesn't matter your religion, your intelligence, your age, you anything...marriage can be tough.  Life can be tough.

And if you are willing insinuate that most intelligent people have marriage problems because of a few you've seen, try not to get upset next time that someone implies all Christians have marriage troubles when the next megachruch pastor gets caught in extramarital bliss.  It's the same type of "logic".

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