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Does anyone have access to The Scientist blog?  I'd like to hear about this entry but can't register at work.

From what I can glean, it's a post about who is advising McCain on Science, something I'd like to know.

(I've found Obama's list and I like what I see.)

One of my biggest frustrations with Bush has been interaction with science.  I get so angry and frustrated about how much interference this administration has shown in scientific* areas.  The agendas that they have pushed that went directly in the face of contrary evidence and either had to have that evidence changed, omitted, or just out right ignored.  Hell, that last sentence pretty much describes the decision making process they used at all times.

To be honest, I didn't think McCain would follow the path Bush has played...but he really doesn't seem like the same guy that ran in 2000.  I respected McCain there and felt that Rove really slimed McCain.  I could have even voted for McCain in 2000 I think.  But the McCain of 2008...I really don't trust him and to be honest, I'd kind of disappointed in that.  His secrecy, his makes me feel like he'd keep up the same level of interference and political manipulation that we've seen for the last 8 years.  I have no dobut about Palin doing just that.

* Other areas too but specific to science for this topic.

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