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(Of course this came in as I was typing...always happens that way.  Not at you FtK, but as in Murphy's Law.  Anyway...)

Quote (Ftk @ Oct. 03 2008,08:53)

I like Palin because, of all four candidates

There are only two candidates for president, well major party candidates that is.  Obama and McCain.  They will be the ones that are making the majority of decisions.  The VP is important and the choice should not be overlooked, but putting too much stock in Palin (or Biden) and not enough in the actual Presidental aspirant is focused on the wrong thing.

...she is a breath of fresh air.  She's spunky, and I don't get the feeling that she's afraid to confront the bull shit that goes on on capital hill.  She's not buried in debt to people who have supported her for eons, and she'll speak her mind without worrying about offending some joker who has her in his pocket.

There's not much I can say to this as it seems to be your gut feeling.  And I have no problem with what someone feels about a person...except if it were to contradict facts.  I'm still not clear on what specifically about capital hill bothers you and thus how she'll be different.  From her actions and history, she seems pretty like every other politician, just slightly different flavoring.

To be fair, I don't think Obama is some excessively different politician...I do see some areas that have been different and I like those...but he's not so different in the grand scheme of things.  To me, he's the best option right now, but I don't see him as the model all politicans should be.  He's got some ideas and tatics that, if emulated, might raise the quality of politics some, but he still falls into some of the same old habits.

She's here to represent people like *me*, and that's a welcome change from the pasty, plastic clones on capital hill.  Of all four candidates, I believe *she's* the one who will go out on a limb for the average joe

Which average joe?  I'm sure to some groups, I'm pretty average and she could not be much more my opposite if she tried.  I know everyone loves to think that they are the average and that everyone else is like them...but somehow that just doens't work out.

And why do you think she'll go out on a limb for the 'average joe' more than the others?  Are you one of those people that thinks simply because the others have money they don't remember or comprehend difficulties the middle class has?  I never liked the attacks on McCain because of the multi-house comment; simply because you have wealth does not mean you don't care or comprehend.  It's like when people attack celebrities for voicing an opinion.  Just because they are an actor, it doesn't mean that they are ill-informed.  Yes, some are and yes, some rich people don't really seem to care or understand the struggle of the poor or middle class.  But you can't predict those things one income alone.  Actions, past history, and comments will tell you what you need to know.

My apologies if I put words in your mouth and that's not the just seems to be a common one and a pet peeve I have.  Still, why is it that you see her as willing to do what the others won't?

[Oh, and I don't really think she kicked Biden's ass, but she did *much*, *much* better than I expected.  I was just messin' with you folks because it easy to do so...kinda fun too.  Shame on me.]

Fair enough and well played.  Although, *much*,*much* better than the expected failure isn't necessarily success.  By the way, I'm not saying that you expected her to fail, but most people and commentators did and you are at least implying that you expected so little from her that you were happy with what you got.  Nonetheless, you did a good caricature...of yourself?

It does seem odd though that more than a few of us thought you were serious.  We all based that on evidence of the past...but I guess that's what we get from relying on evidence too much.

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