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Quote (Bing @ Feb. 15 2011,13:03)
Quote (Lou FCD @ Feb. 14 2011,18:08)
Strangely (or perhaps not), all the sympathetic stories are making me feel a lot better about it.

Y'all rock.

Research Methodology.  The instructor was a freak who had only completed at PhD.  (He had quit college after 1st semester in his freshman year, bummed around in the computer labs for the next year and a half and upon his return went straight into the PhD program)  He believed that it was more sensitive statistically to set a brutal exam and scale up the results to achieve the appropriate mean and standard deviation.  6 hours into the 3 hour exam (7-10pm so it was now 1am the next day) he kicked everyone out of the room.  I believe my raw score was in the high 20's but it scaled out as a B+.

The worst part was the bars all closed at 1am so we couldn't even go for 10 drinks when the exam 'ended'.

There was a legendary (and most likely apocryphal)  Physics prof at Cal who gave an exam in his Honors course strictly on the curve. There were 5 students in the class: One scored 98%, three scored 99%, and one scored 100%.  Grade distribution: A: 1 C: 3 F: 1

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