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A furly odd occurance today.  I went to my new job (making sandwiches at the campus cafeteria) a few hours earlier today to take in my first Geology Club meeting and do some power schmoozing.  :)  After the Club's meeting, there was about an hour before I had to go to work.  So, there I was, hanging out on the commons when I noticed a fairly large group of students clustered around someone speaking.  Sort of.  I got closer and ended up actually participating.  :)

It was this cat.

Straw men, evidentiary double standards, misidentification, historical revisionism, you name it, he spewed it.  If a question was too difficult, he danced around it.  Thin-skinned and nervous as he spoke, he denounced everything he felt wasn't up to his biblical standard(s).  

I lit into him on a number of issues, and I wasn't alone.  He had little support, mostly people asking him to clarify his point(s).

He's a poor dancer, and came off as a total tard.  He even said that Dawkins made himself look bad in Expelled.  I about died with laughter at that one.

I will say that I developed a great deal of respect for the students at UWEC.  They treated him with respect, for the most part, and yet engaged him on his inconsistencies and political obtuseness.  

I guess school isn't just about book-learning.  It was an interesting day today.

Otherwise, like you wrote, Lou; my days are beginning to blend together also.  Second quiz tomorrow in Precalc.

I hope that all the other current students are having a good time and learning a lot, too!

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