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Venus Mousetrap

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Quote (cewagner @ Aug. 16 2008,16:05)
What does the one have to do with the other?

Allow me to answer my own question:


Fractal geometry and chaos theory examine complexity

Intelligent design examines Organization

They are not the same thing!

In my opinion, cellular automata are a perfect testing ground for ID hypotheses, because they are a universe which is under total control - unlike ours.

For example, the Explanatory Filter requires that all natural laws are ruled out before we can identify design - what better place to do that than in a universe built on rules that we specify?

One structure kind which I believe would be perfect for an ID study is the Garden of Eden pattern - an arrangement of cells which has been mathematically proven to be impossible to form within its CA (that is, there is no precursor pattern which can possibly form it). This is in effect the ID poster child, because it can never appear in a CA - it HAS to be created. If they really have anything which detects design, it should flag up an enormous honk on that.

Which is why they won't ever do this, because they don't have a theory and they don't want to test it etc. etc.

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