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Basically Ftk's position on abortion boils down to "abortion is murder, but I wouldn't vote to ban it."  Scary.  Better keep her away from sharp objects, and voting booths.  

But also typical of the average anti-choicer; they want to wave the "abortion is murder" flag to whip up emotional opposition to allowing women control of their own bodies, but know it's politically a non-starter to truly discuss this murder as such--since they would then have to advocate punishing the co-conspirators for it as other people who conspire to murder are punished.  I believe in Kansas a woman who pays a professional killer to murder a family member would expect to be put to death.  So they default to a position which further diminishes women, which is that somehow the woman is less accountable for the murder of the fetus--a murder which she concieved, planned, and fully conspired in--than the doctor, who somehow is to be seen as (far) more fully responsible for the murder, despite the fact that no abortion "murders" could ever occur without the woman's intent and action.

What a hypocritical, inconsistent (and woman-hating) mess, but it doesn't seem to bother them at all.  No wonder most of them are also creationists.

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