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Quote (Richardthughes @ July 30 2010,10:16)
Don't worry if you baught a FAILmouse. You can get a new FAILmouse that might work in 4 weeks.

LOL.  What a bunch of hucksters.  Multiple problems with the mouse, probably not repairable, so - as a favor to their suckers - they are going to replace them.
You will have the option of either sending your current mouse back to either our American or our UK address after the replacement mouse arrives or keeping your old mouse for $25.  If, as we anticipate, you prefer to send your old mouse back to us, you will have 30 days from the receipt of your replacement mouse to send it back.  If we don’t receive it, we will charge your credit card $30.

You can keep the broken mouse for $25, but if you don't send it back - it's $30.

You have 30 days to send it back before you get charged the $35.  After 30 days it's $40, plus freight makes it $45 for an even $50.  If you haven't canceled your credit card account in 2 months time, we will bill an additional $60 plus a $65 it's-cheaper-to-just-pay-it-than-hire-a-lawyer fee.  Any credit card accounts that are still valid after 3 months, we will assume that your hands are too crippled from trying to learn our wearymouse to use the phone (that and simply just unwilling to push any more buttons) and a new round of charges will begin.

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