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Quote (Louis @ Sep. 03 2009,15:53)
Quote (dogdidit @ Sep. 03 2009,21:49)
Quote (Advocatus Diaboli @ Sep. 03 2009,15:02)
Ouch. MeganC replies:

Her ashes are nearby, so I guess the answer to your question would depend your ‘worldview’.

Damn, she put some stank on that one. Marry me, MeganC.

On an unrelated note: sixteen more posts until we have a 5-handle on the number of pages on the UD2 thread. I can remember when the ol' jalopy still had that new car smell.

I was thinking something very similar. That 1k post mark will roll around any time now and then we'll have to pull Steve Story away from his chewin' baccy, crazy triathlon training, suspicious booze combos and molesting wild animals (but not squirrels, that's Deadman's dept) to start a third.

Either that or we'll have to stop looking at UD forever and ever.

Wait, does that mean that via the Copenhagen interpretation it will cease to exist?


If you're serious about trying to rope Mr. Story back onto the tard farm, I might be able to assist.  He frequents another blog/forum that I read and post on, and I occasionally talk to him there.

Evolander in training

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