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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 03 2009,11:44   

Quote (CeilingCat @ Sep. 03 2009,00:22)
clive,baby he he he he be some kind of craaaazy transcendental mathematician

yo axe him do he think axioms be all tautological and shit

fo real, clive,baby be all "that sh1t 6e what g0d be tr1pp1n on y0 they be hi5 numbah5 too h0w you crunk you cn c0unt wit d3m and sh1t"

Is Erasmus, FCD really a Denyse O'Leary sock?
Does anybody else in the world talk that way?

We report, you decide.

I've grown increasingly certain that everybody here and at UD are socks of k.e.  He's been on a bad acid trip for the past five years or so, and a few million words later (give or take), the results are quite, erm, illuminating.

Evolander in training

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