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Quote (Erasmus, FCD @ Aug. 25 2009,10:38)




10:30 am

Dave Wisker,

You have a tendency to just cite papers as proof of something. Many of us do not have access to these papers and when we do the language is so specific to the discipline that it takes too much time to invest to decipher what is actually being said. When I asked for a laymanís account of your recommended theory of stereochemistry as the origin of the DNA code you presented a rather vague theory that was very interesting (a couple codon strings bind with the corresponding amino acid) but hardly anywhere near a proof of anything.

shorter jerry: †i don't know shit but i won't let that stop me from claiming nonsense

I love it: evolutionary biology is so easy even a tard can refute it! Just don't cite papers on evolutionary biology-- dey is cunfyoozlin.

Those who know the truth are not equal to those who love it-- Confucius

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