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Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Aug. 24 2009,21:20)
6:00 pm
To be honest with you,,I have debated atheists for several years now,,,I usually have been polite to the point of fault,,, in return I have for the majority of times been maligned, cussed, ridiculed, threatened with death and all sorts of evil response,,,all for sticking to the truth of the evidence and proving evolution wrong with the best of what ability I have been given,,,Though you may take me for being rude with you, I am actually trying my very best to wake you from the deception you are in,,, for I figure a few hurt feelings by you now will be far better than the consequences of being separated from God eternally,,,Maybe I am wrong to be this way with you,,,every one is different,,,but truly I am not meaning it personally,,,

first of all, what in the feck is ,,, about?  this sombitch is crazier than a damn shot she-hawg

second, Dave Wisker's got a girlfriend, dave wisker's got a girlfriend neener neener neener

He's just like cakeboy, blaming the nasty ole atheists/DAwrwinits/liberals for making him act like an asshole. Free will my ass.

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Those who know the truth are not equal to those who love it-- Confucius

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