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(Permalink) Posted: Aug. 23 2009,09:08   

Quote (deadman_932 @ Aug. 23 2009,07:54)
Quote (KCdgw @ Aug. 23 2009,06:38)
Looking at her full publications list and other accomplishments...Real scientist, award-winning fiction novelist, popular science author, artist...yeah, it's easy to see why Wee Billy might be a little envious.

Where's her full publication list?

She doesn't have a full CV or publications list up that I could find, so in her case, I looked for epublications at and then an advanced search on publications from 2003-2009 on Google Scholar, which is quick and easy, here. I'll let you look through that last one and I didn't bother with a Web of Science cite search.

The Epublications search for 2003 onward gives the following:

Energy Level Diagrams for Black Hole Orbits Janna Levin  arXiv:0907.5195 (July 2009)

Homoclinic Orbits around Spinning Black Holes II: The Phase Space Portrait Gabe Perez-Giz and Janna Levin arXiv:0811.3815 (November 2008)

Homoclinic Orbits around Spinning Black Holes I: Exact Solution for the Kerr Separatrix Janna Levin and Gabe Perez-Giz  (November 2008)

Dynamics of Black Hole Pairs II: Spherical Orbits and the Homoclinic Limit of Zoom-WhirlinessarXiv:0811.3798 (November 2008)

Dynamics of Black Hole Pairs I: Periodic Tables Janna Levin and Becky Grossman arXiv:0809.3838 (September 2008)

A Periodic Table for Black Hole Orbits Janna Levin and Gabe Perez-Giz arXiv:0802.0459 (February 2008)

Cosmological Moduli Dynamics Brian Greene, Simon Judes, Janna Levin, Scott Watson and Amanda Weltman. hep-th/0702220 (February 2007)

Chaos and Order in Models of Black Hole Pairs Janna Levin Journal-ref: Phys. Rev. D74 (2006) 124027.  gr-qc/0612003 (December 2006)

Missing Lorenz-boosted Circles-in-the-sky Janna Levin. astro-ph/0403036 (March 2004)

Lyapunov timescales and black hole binaries Neil J. Cornish and Janna Levin Comment: To be published in Classical and Quantum Gravity Journal-ref: Class. Quant. Grav. 20 (2003) 1649-1660 , gr-qc/0304056 (April 2003)
I didn't include the Google Scholar cites because ...well, I'm lazy, but you can click on the link.

ETA:  collaborating with Barrow, Cornish and Greene must've been fun

Thanks. I was interested in her publication record since she was at Columbia (2004 on).

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