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Quote (k.e.. @ Aug. 19 2009,12:44)
Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Aug. 19 2009,19:27)


William Dembski


11:09 am

Sal Gal: “He definitely did not present it as that.” Quite right, he did not present it — as in portray it – as a targeted search. But in his articulation, it was a targeted search and our critique applies.

Squatney: I would re-read the paper. I know your side has quibbled about our characterization of Dawkins’ algorithm (which he did not clearly lay out in THE BLIND WATCHMAKER) as to whether it locks in correct characters or allows for their random alteration after they’ve been achieved. As I showed here, it doesn’t really matter.

and he sends you to the 16 march 2009 post "Dawkins’ WEASEL: Proximity Search With or Without Locking?" where he does not show anything of the sort.  In that post he claims that Dawkins manipulated the code for the video in order to make it look 'unlatched'.  of course this is what spawned Gordon Mullings to have an apoplectic fit in which he spewed out the character count equivalent of 7 dissertations, and the content count of the back of a cereal box.

Dembski has found new lows!  for this we should rejoice!  but i do believe i would rather see more flash animation than him attempting to do what he cannot possibly do, that is use science to justify his religious beliefs.  Stay Clowny, b-b-b-b-b-b-bill!!!!

One wonders why Billy didn't cite Mullings and I'm sure Gordo hisself will be wondering the same.

After all Billy boy and him are peers and teh new way of ID for thrith in science and resurection of culture needs all the logos of men like Mullings and his mission to save No Free Information for the likes of Jerry etc.

Expect a new cancer cure from cutting edge Dembski genetic algorithms....if he can figure out what they are.

If you have a tumor on you hair ID tells you chances are better than 10-150 that it's designed and a dilute solution of peroxide will remove the hair tumor and your finger prints too if you don't use gloves.

Read all about it in "Hair Dressers Monthly" or tune into "Days of Our Lives" for a charged look at "Intelligent Design" in action, or heavy petting...whateva.

Dense can raffle free copies of Billz book for the first creative use of Billies new paragim.


I'm sure that GUM of TOOTHY will be wondering just that and not connect that DrDr never reads the blog. I also wonder if the moderators will be dragged over the carpet for letting the riff-raff in,

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