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Quote (Zachriel @ Aug. 13 2009,14:01)
Bornagain77 cites West Chester University geomicrobiologist, Russell Vreeland.

bornagain77 (quoting Vreeland et al.): Almost without exception, bacteria isolated from ancient material have proven to closely resemble modern bacteria at both morphological and molecular levels.

Vreeland apparently also said this.

bornagain77 (last year): I also inquired of Dr. Vreeland for such a fitness test and was rather bruskly told something to the effect that only creationists would ask a question like that.

That should be a rule. Everyone should be responsible for taking out their own Tard.

What bornagain didn't say is, Vreeland wrote a paper discussing the reasons why we could expect ancient and modern bacteria to not be much different.

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