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Quote (Ptaylor @ Aug. 12 2009,16:17)
Wow, Clivebaby is upset. Barret Brown has added an epilogue to his Huffington Post article in which he says
† †
Clive Hayden, meanwhile, asks that I engage him in a discussion on the subject of evolution and how it relates to each person's efforts to verify his worldview. I am disinclined to do so insomuch as that Hayden appears to have difficulty with his memory to such an extent that to debate him further would be much akin to arguing with a persistent amnesiac;<snip>
Clivebaby: † †  

† †Hayden denounces me as ďa comedian;Ē I would note that weíre now represented in the Senate, as we should be. Comedians are the greatest people in the world.

† †He also asks an astonishing question:

† † † †He must really dislike certain outcomes of evolution. Whence comes the discernment between competing worldviews that are all outcomes of evolution? If evolution, to Barrett, admittedly produces false worldviews, such as religion, then why trust it in any other regard?

† †I donít trust evolution any more than I trust gravity or attractive women. I donít make any claims to the effect that evolution only produces swell things and makes everyone smart and honest. Iím not all totally in love with evolution; I just think itís the case. And Iím amazed that Hayden would ask me to account for the results of the process to which I ascribe when it is he and his fellow intelligent design advocates who attribute divine purpose to nature, not I. And whatís up with those airline peanuts, amirite?
That is a complete non-answer. Iíve asked you to give a real response again, your update on HuffPost doesnít cut it for it doesnít even address my questions. I answered your questions, now you answer mine, and donít weasel out of it by talking about my memory. Can you not answer my questions? Can you not? It certainly appears that you cannot. If you can, do it here and now. Evasion wonít work Barrett.

Fightin' talk!

Somebody needs to inform Clive that any attempts to pull a "davetard" will be doomed to immediate failure if he doesn't use at least one of the following words and/or phrases:

I slay myself
Dell patent
You're outta here!  
. . .is no longer with us

(add more as you see fit)

C'mon, Clive.  The playbook exists for a reason.  Learn it, love it, live it.

Evolander in training

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