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Quote (SoonerintheBluegrass @ Aug. 09 2009,18:35)
I'm going with this as the culprit:

lots of farting.

Or maybe the tone.  But that seems to be called for given the obtuse nature of Bowman's posts.

I'd take a wild guess that lots of links triggers some kind of spam filter. Even if it isn't automatically blocked, it may be waiting approval mixed in with real spam.

tinyurl may also play a role, since it's a fairly popular way of disguising undesirable links. It may also fall foul of their comment policy

Q: If you don't allow any HTML, how can I include a link in my comment?
A: If you include a URL in your comment, it will be converted to a link. Please note, comments containing links to personal blogs and other inappropriate sites will be deleted. ONLY links to relevant news stories or sites are acceptable.

Emphasis added. I'll leave it to you to figure out the logic of a blog that doesn't allow links to blogs in comments... when the subject of the original post is a blog ;)

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