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Quote (Barrett Brown @ Aug. 06 2009,21:31)

Thought you guys might enjoy this article I just wrote for The Huffington Post on the subject of Uncommon Descent and its general wackiness. Most of the stuff described therein probably won't be new to you since you're the world's greatest experts on Dave Springer, but perhaps you'll get a kick out it nonetheless. Here it is.


Barrett Brown

Springer was unfazed by the revelation. "To everyone who's pointed out that the ACLU story is a fabrication according to -- that's hardly the point," he explained. "The pictures of Marines praying are real."

Didn't that picture turn out to be photoshopped to increase the number of marines praying?

Also, does anybody remember the details of when Dembski got caught flat-out lying his little creationist head off and then claimed it was all really street theater?

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