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Quote (Zachriel @ July 28 2009,13:17)
jerry: And by the way the Franklins said it would take 23 million years to get a new bird species from the finches.

We posted a response on Uncommon Descent, but there must have been a, er, technical problem, as our response never showed. But Dave Wisker apparently reads Jovian thoughts.

Dave Wisker: I’m curious– where did the Grants (I assume you meant them, not the “Franklins”) say it would take 23 million years to get a new species? Where they referring to a particular situation and specific populations in the Galapagos?

Considering that the Grants have measured rates of evolution in the tens-of-thousands of darwins, and that the Galápagos Islands are only 5-10 million years old.

The only thing I could think of even remotely connected to the Grants on this is cycles of environmental change and introgression that could interfere with permanent reproductive isolation for a long time. But 23 milllion years sounds extreme, and I've never read anything by the Grants suggesting something like that. But I could be wrong, so I'll let jerry enlighten us.


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