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Quote (didymos @ July 15 2009,17:37)
Jesus, Mapou really hates General Relativity:



4:28 pm

Of course, dark matter and dark energy are just a pile voodoo science. It is the sort of BS that physicists conjure up whenever one of their most idolized theories (Einsteinís general theory of relativity), is squarely and mercilessly falsified. Of course, when push comes to shove, they would rather blame it on long gone Sir Isaac rather than admit to the world that Einstein was dead wrong. And God forbid anybody should mention that everything else in cosmology (black holes, Big Bang, accelerating expansion, etc.) is automatically suspect and should be jettisoned with the rest of the hogwash. What a marvelous house of cards these these savvy gentlefolk are building!

But how can their theories not be wrong? They have absolutely no clue as to what causes gravity. They are willfully ignorant of and uninterested in foundational issues. Relativists will even tell you with a straight face that science is not about the why of things but the how. In other words, we donít know, we donít want to know and neither should you. We tell you whatís important and what to think about because we are the lords of physics. And donít you forget it.

Gravity physics is not really science. Itís more like everyday engineering. Itís just a bunch of mathematicians adjusting coefficients, constants and equations until their theory somehow agrees with observation. It explains nothing in terms of particles, their properties and their interactions, which is what real physics should be about anyway.

Science is in dire need of a Kuhnian revolution, in my opinion.

Mapou is in dire need of a re-read of Kuhn, and that's a fact. †He's also in dire need of a lot of other stuff too, like therapy.

Does he not realize that if we throw out the Big Bang it's back to steady state cosmology again?

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