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I'd love to do a full compare and contrast between the two once "Hitler's Ethic" is out, but $68 is a ridiculous price to pay for Weikart.

I can only see three reasons for a book to be priced that high.

1: It might cost that much to produce the book.  Examples would be "coffee table" books, large format books full of color illustrations.  "Hitler's Ethic" doesn't appear to be one of those.

2: Because the publishers realize they've got a turkey on their hands and don't expect to sell many copies, so they price it high in order to make back their fixed costs.  "Hitler's Ethic" may very well be one of these.

3: Because any one who wants to refute the book will have to buy a copy first and few people have $68.88 to throw away on a piece of crap book.  This cuts way back on criticism.

I'd say it's either number 2 or 3.

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