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(Permalink) Posted: July 06 2009,02:02   

I just posted this twice to UD's "Foul anonymous blogger exposed" thread and it erased both entries without even showing them as being in moderation.

Given the tard-pile that is UD, it may very well be a computer error that trashed what I wrote, but I took the liberty of saving my second try before hitting the button and I want to make sure it's seen.  

I think you'll find it interesting.

"Why do so many of Darwinists spout so much filth, hostility, and aimless detraction?"

I think this explains why the Canadian Cynic used The Four Naughty Words to describe The Girl on the Right:

"Tuesday, June 26, 2007
As opposed to the other 364 days
When the Natives do absolutely nothing except smoke, drink and fuck their daughters. This Friday will mark the Native Day of Action™ here in Canada. It's their chance to whine and complain that us white guys [?] who pay 45% in income tax to support their smoking, drinking and daughter-fucking are ripping them off. How they can justify that, we're not entirely certain. But what we can be certain about is that it will cause a new committee or study group to be formed - also at our expense - and it will solve exactly nothing."

Denyse, do you know what this kind of talk is?  It's RACIST!  You know, racism, the kind of thing you've been slandering Charles Darwin's memory over, even though he was probably the least racist man in the 19th century.

If any of you bother to look those words up (try wikipedia), you'll find that they're all "...used informally as a derogatory epithet in referring to a person of either sex..."  One of them has been used that way for over a century, one seems to have only made the switch in the last decade or two.

Should the Canadian Cynic have used nicer language to The Girl on the Right?  He probably did at one time, but it bounced right off.  These conservative types are incorrigible.

His new language probably bounced off too, but at least he tried.

Shame on Girl on the Right and everybody who supports her.  Congratulations to the Canadian Cynic.  You described RightGirl perfectly!

Here's the link again:Girl on the Right: As opposed to the other 364 days

She also says they all huff gasoline and she's not too fond of Palestinians either.  She's my idea of an absolutely typical conservative.  Enjoy your new girlfriend, Denyse, you picked her, you live with her.  We won't because she's a cunt, douchebag, asshole and O'Leary think-a-like.

The Canadian Cynic has a few comments:  
P.S. Oh, and Denyse? With respect to Wendy Sullivan, someone who describes Canada's aboriginals as fucking their daughters 364 days a year really doesn't have the moral high ground to be criticizing anyone else's incivility. So howzabout you put a sock in it, you useless shrew?

P.P.S. I would have happily left a comment to that effect, but you and I both know that it would have been moderated out of existence. Profiles in uncourage, the lot of them.

P.P.P.S. If anyone has commenting privileges over at UncommonDescent, feel free to drop them a note, pointing out the incongruity of using Wendy Sullivan in any argument related to civility and decorum. See how long that comment lasts.
Zero seconds.

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