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Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,July 01 2009,22:31)
hahahahaha at Poythress
He is an advocate of Cornelius Van Til's presuppositional apologetics, particularly the ideas that epistemology and ontology must find their ultimate grounding in the Trinity. He has also sought to work out presuppositionalism's central claim that there is no neutrality in the area of science and mathematics. In a manner akin to Augustine's view that truth is divine, Poythress views scientific law as a form of the word of God.[2] In 1976, Poythress broke new ground with an article on "A Biblical View of Mathematics," while in a 1983 article, he argued that mathematics is the rhyme of the universe.[3]
A central idea in Poythress' thought has concerned the validity of multiple perspectives, or multiperspectivalism, a project that he shares with his teacher and collaborator John Frame. In Poythress's seminal work Philosophy, Science, and the Sovereignty of God, he explored how the scientific concepts of wave, particle and field can be used analogically to demonstrate different ways of looking at things. He argued that such a triadic structure is a "a means of avoiding unhealthy dualism",[4] and he continued on this line of thought in Symphonic Theology, where he applied multiperspectivalism to theology.

in addition to being deep cover pomo Poythress wrote his own wiki entry. †loser.

The first line of an article he wrote called Why Scientists Must Believe in God:

All scientistsóincluding agnostics and atheistsóbelieve in God. They have to in order to do their work.

Somebody should invite him to be a front-pager at UD. †Oh, the fun that could be had!

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