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Iím not sure why the evos donít understand the logic. Maybe a more specific example would help: Every time Boeing assembles a 747, that is evidence that nature operating freely canít do it.
According to wikipedia, there have been 1,416 747ís built, so the chances of one arising through a ďtornado in a junkyardĒ scenario must be less than 1/1,416, otherwise we would have observed one already. By independence, the probability that 747ís cannot arise through chance and necessity is 1 - (1/1,416)^1,416 which is 1 according to my calculator.

Where does one begin pointing out the ridiculousness of this comparison/calculation? For example, does one also assume that Boeing assembles planes in one step? If not, how can you even compare them honestly?  (I know the answer, BTW, just venting)


Those who know the truth are not equal to those who love it-- Confucius

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