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Quote (tsig @ June 07 2009,14:16)
Quote (AmandaHuginKiss @ June 05 2009,17:24)
Reading his Bio makes me think that there are a lot of people sucking on the teat of anti-evolution. I wonder how long that this can last. The young'uns are rejecting this stuff (and can get it on the internet anyway) and I am sure that a lot of the true believers will start to realise that these books aren't saying anything new and will stop buying new ones.

You don't buy these books to read them but to show solidarity with the movement.

I agree but isn't the ID movement non-existent? Unless somebody has been holding out UD and TT are the only ID sites in town and their membership is tiny compared to Rapture Ready and any of the wingnut sites.

I think that the run of the mill fundie may have bought Behe's/Dembski's first book but aren't they more likely to fill their Library with books about the evils of Obama or how to find God in your gravy.

It's like on the rational side - I've bought some books on science but only the classics. I haven't bought every science book that has been published.

Gee PZ is going to make a fortune when he publishes his book. Wont that make DrDr cry.

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