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I assume Dembski believes he's preaching to the converted with this new book, since I can't see how anyone who is an atheist could be persuaded by his Bible-based logic.

In the first chapter, he does a reasonable job of identifying some of the objections over the sufficiency of Christ's sacrifice as atonement for all sin, but he quickly resorts to vague hand waving as he tries refute those objections. His efforts to overcome the objection that Christ, being God, knew full well that his sacrifice was merely temporary and would indeed restore him to full Godhood and all that entails are singularly unimpressive.

As for the title, "The End of Christianity," it's a rather poor attempt to shock people into picking up the book to see what it's about.  He needs almost a full page to explain what he title is supposed to be about, and I'm sure the vast majority of readers, especially those not imbued with Christian theology, will be left scratching their heads.

If the rest of the book is more of the same, I suspect this effort will only strengthen our case that ID is all about religion.  Indeed, he claims that ID has already succeeded in its role (as prophesied by the Wedge document) in opening the door to bringing Christianity back into the conversation:
Instead of routinely ignoring Christianity as they did twenty years ago, many Western intellectuals now treat it with open contempt, expending a great many words to denounce it. But this is progress. The dead are ignored and forgotten. The living are scorned and reviled. I was therefore gratified to see the recent rash of books by the “neo-atheists” such as Richard Dawkins’s The God Delusion, Christopher Hitchens’s god Is Not Great (Hitchens insists on not capitalizing references to the deity), and Sam Harris’s The End of Faith. These books would be unnecessary if Christianity, and theism generally, were not again a live issue.

The neo-atheists’ first line of attack in challenging religious belief, and Christianity in particular, is to invoke science as the principal debunker of religion. Science is supposed to show that any God or intelligence or purpose behind the universe is not merely superfluous but an impediment to reason. Yet evidence from science shows the opposite. The case for a designing intelligence producing life and the cosmos is now on solid ground, as can be seen from such books as The Design of Life and The
Privileged Planet.

You've gotta love the hubris involved in claiming that his own book (The Design for Life) has sealed the deal for ID as valid science.

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