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Quote (sparc @ June 01 2009,16:57)
Count down -- UDer saying that it was the Darwinist's fault that George Tiller was shot.  

I don't know, I guess they will rather distance themselves from the murderer. E.g., not  an UDer but someone who appreciates ID on his blog:      
Some radical, pseudo-pro-life murderer has just done more to hurt the pro-life movement than all the pro-choice advocates put together--just when the pro-life position was starting to gain ground, some sicko sets us back 20 years!

When they catch the perpetrator, prosecutors should seek the death penalty.
Killing the murderer is just the next logical pro-life consequence. Or is it pseudo-pro-life consequence?

To these guys everything bad is due to the Darwinists. If they can say with a straight face that darwinism caused slavery in America before darwin was born, they can blame a shooting by somebody on the religious right on Darwin.

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