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1: So when animals are nasty then its natures fault (and therefore Natural) but when they are nice, then what? God is making them behave morally? (and Unnaturally)  Sounds like an arbitrary definition of 'Natural' for the convenience of propping up ones own ideology (or should that be idiotology)
2: If you pound his head in then he can't run off, you EITHER drive him off OR pound his head in.
3: Thats the whole point - hurting group members can sometimes be to your advantage but equally it could be to your disadvantage.  The dynamic is quite complicated (which is probably why you don't get it)
4: Natural as in GODDIDIT?
5: Animals alerting their group to predators, defending their cousins offspring... Oh but of course they are behaving unnaturally

Its not much different from blaming man for everything shitty in the world, and reserving all the credit for the good to God.


Those who know the truth are not equal to those who love it-- Confucius

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