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Quote (JLT @ May 23 2009,22:21)
Most people, after hearing that the Old Testament contained 459 prophecies about Jesus Christ, all of which became manifest in time/space/history, would be flabbergasted by the mere improbability of it all. They would demand that I offer a few examples, and, once satisfied that they were legitimate, would be impressed by that astounding fact. Your response, on the other hand, was to shrug it off without another thought or to mischaracterize it as you did as an “after the fact” event—as if Scripture writers had taken New Testament events and redacted them back into the Old Testament records, which is impossible.

You know, Stephen, there is a second possibility. They might have written some stuff in the New Testament to "fulfill" prophecies of the Old Testament. But of course, that is totally completely utterly impossible, isn't it, because everything in the bible is true which is proven by the fulfilled prophecies. I really can't understand why everyone is so reluctant in accepting these facts. I'm convinced. Your logic is impenetrable.

Not only that a lot of prophesies that were full filled were taken out of context.

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