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Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,May 22 2009,15:28)
Quote (Amanda @ back-ar)
An interesting play would be to look inside of the heads of the three sides of the arguments - The scientists - The ID/Creationism true believers and somebody in the middle who was wavering towards ID.

hell amanda i don't know if that is interesting.

well let me rephrase, i find it fascinating but then that's what tardwatching is all about.  most folks, ummmm, well they don't give a damn.  they will vote for the slickest presentation

if you want a look at some shit like that well look no further.

I'm not saying make the audience pick sides, I'm just saying that people are interested in people but that fact that Thomas never bothered to really study the scientists position and never looked behind Bill's slick mask, that the play comes out shallow and false.

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