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Quote (Ptaylor @ May 22 2009,10:00)
Quote (Hermagoras @ May 17 2009,02:09)
I've been searching for any reviews of the play (which opened the other night) but can't find anything in the Houston media. †If anybody sees one PM me or post a link please.

This may be old news but there is a review of Thomas Vaughan's The Third Side here. Sounds like the ID component is fairly minor in an otherwise forgettable production. Summary: † †
Actually, in The Third Side, it isnít cute or sad. Itís just dull.

The shame is that this play could be very powerful but as obviously Thomas has taken the position that the nasty scientists would not even consider ID will be stilted because it is not true and very shallow as the scientists have very good reason to distrust the leaders of the ID movement beyond the fact that it is bad science.

An interesting play would be to look inside of the heads of the three sides of the arguments - The scientists - The ID/Creationism true believers and somebody in the middle who was wavering towards ID.

Thomas himself would be a good model for the person in the middle  and as he has now staked himself on the idea that science is being unfair. What will happen as more information comes to him about the dishonesty of people like Dembski does he act like Kevin Miller and shut out all information or does he start to honestly review his beliefs.

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