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Quote (Texas Teach @ May 10 2009,13:05)
Quote (Tracy P. Hamilton @ May 09 2009,19:52)
Quote (Nils Ruhr @ May 09 2009,18:01)
Quote (CeilingCat @ May 09 2009,17:00)
Nils, it's been about six hours since you asked that question.  So far we have had five real live biologists, two student biologists and one person who was trained in biology, but works in another field respond to you.

Ok, I was wrong, there are indeed many scientists in the field of biology on this forum. This means your opinions here might be relevant for my questions.

There are many biologists in the ID movement:
Michael Behe, Jonathan Wells, Paul Chien.

Three in the ID movement vs. 5 just commenting on this website.  Way to shoot yourself in the foot!

Should we just grant him Behe?  He's not a biologist but a biochemist*.  A biochemist who has admitted he hasn't read a fairly substantial chunk of the biological literature.

*Not that I have anything against other biochemists.  It's just a completely different degree.  In my experience it's often closer to bioCHEMISTRY than BIOchemistry.

Not to mention that all of them have admitted that their problems with evolution started because they felt that it contradicted their religion.

I call troll on this guy. Nobody who was on the up and up would just pop up criticizing without reading the threads and finding out how dishonest and clueless the UDers actually are.

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