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Quote (Erasmus, FCD @ May 05 2009,18:11)
Quote (sTARTERkIT @ May 04 2009,20:00)
Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ May 04 2009,06:04)
Quote (sTARTERkIT @ May 04 2009,05:55)
The body truly is self-healing, except of course when people decide they know better and start hacking away at body parts and declare "Science!".  

That must be why life expectancy has gone from 20-30 in Medieval Britain, 30-40 in the early 20th Century to it's current world average of 70.

If the body is truly is self-healing and has been all along, how do you explain this observation?

Actually, if you could wrap your brain around it, you would understand that plenty of folks back then lived long lives.   The knowledge and means to live long lives existed but were held by the privileged class.  Nowadays, knowledge and means are more evenly spread out, thus the mean lifespan increases.  

Remember, the mean lifespan has increased, but there are plenty of people today that have short lifespans.  Modern science can do nothing  about this.  For every solution found, new maladies crop up.  Think about it, how many stress related deaths do we have today that did not exist hundreds of years ago?

IOW, it was accessto knowledge and means, not the knowledge and means itself, that was lacking.

To have a creationist explain the obvious; now that's gotta hurt.  Ouch.

daniel smith is that you?

I love how people can just pull random words out of their bottom and call them facts.

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