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Quote (Ptaylor @ April 28 2009,18:46)
Dave Wisker responds to an implied assertion by StuartHarris:    
Hi Stuart,

Can you name one evolutionary psychologist who says genes control all of our behavior? I honestly cannot think of even one.

SH's reply:    

If I researched it I probably could, but I won’t. Just cross out the two “alls” in the dialogue and the satirical point I was making still stands.

With Evo-psych one can conjure up an explaination for any behavior “A” or for the opposite behavior “not-A” and claim either speculation to be valid. Can you do that in a real science like physics? No (at least not yet), because evidence and mathematical/logical rigor are required.

My emphasis, and Stuart does soften his opening sentence, but shows a telling mindset if you ask me.

My reply:

Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Hi Stuart,
If I researched it I probably could, but I won’t.

I don’t think you can. Take out the alls, and it’s still a misleading statement.

Of course, I am in perpetual moderation.


Those who know the truth are not equal to those who love it-- Confucius

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