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Quote (dvunkannon @ April 19 2009,10:27)
By the way there is a similar program going on by those in favor of a naturalistic process to show that mutations along with other genomic processes can produce useful proteins.

jerry you magnificent bastard, PM me. Your last deaddrop has been compromised, and you need to re-establish a link to your control. The money cannot be delivered until then. Don't tell this to anyone in your network. Especially Joseph.

Jerry makes this grand pronouncement:

However, this process has never been to shown to be able to produce new complex functional capabilities but only minor changes probably creating at best a new genera. We remain skeptical of its ability to completely explain what Ernst Mayr called megaevolution.

So I asked:
So, the differences between genera of mice (Peromyscus vs Mus, say) are within reach of so-called microevolutionary processes, but the differences between families of rodents (mice vs squirrels, for example) are not?

Joe steps in at this point to help (my emphasis):  
Instead of asking questions why don’t you guys just post the scientific data which supports your claims?
For example- Show us the data that demonstrates that a mouse-like organism (population) can evolve into a squirrel-like organism.
Or show us the data which would demonstrate the small bones in a reptilian jaw can morph into ear-bones of a mammal.
Hoiwever it is obvious that ALL you have is slight variations to an already existing body plan.

My reply (still in goddamned moderation):
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Hi joseph,
You wrote (regarding differences between mice and squirrels):
Hoiwever it is obvious that ALL you have is slight variations to an already existing body plan.

Exactly, although an evolutionary biologist would say it was minor variation on the body plan of the common ancestor of the two families.  Since we all know microevolutionary processes can bring about minor variations, doesn’t this fact call jerry’s statement that differences between higher taxa can only be explained by novel complex adaptations (or capabilities) into question?



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