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Quote (carlsonjok @ April 03 2009,13:38)
Gil Dodgen, God bless his pointy little head, has a killer argument (or so he thinks.)


7:12 pm

…the empirical question of the degree to which variation in living things permits a ratcheting from lower to higher complexity is complicated.

It is not complicated at all. In even trivial, functionally integrated systems, random variation degrades, and does not “ratchet” from lower to higher complexity. It does the exact opposite. Natural selection is irrelevant, because it does not create, produce, or edify — it just throws stuff out.

The myth of Darwinism is that something can be had for nothing. Living sytems are highly neg-entropic, and stochastic processes are highly entropic.

Umm, Gil?  Even Answers in Genesis says you shouldn't use the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics as an argument.

Didn'r Lenski blow this out of the water?

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