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Quote (Ptaylor @ Mar. 30 2009,09:07)
Allanus offers an interesting insight into his (I am quite sure he's male) mindset. All of the following are examples of 'authorities' getting it wrong:
Climatologists say that anthropogenic global warming is fact, not theory.

Paleontologists say that Lucy is the missing link.

Theologians say that the Resurrection never occurred.

Teachers say that testing harms students’ self-esteem.

Journalists say that George Bush is like Hitler.

Critics say that “The Piano” is great cinematic art.

Professors claim that Marx’s economic theories are true.

Make what you want of the list. I liked the seemingly arbitrary mention of The Piano - I thought the movie was overrated myself, but was this a case of critics getting it completely wrong, as Allie implies?

I think that "the evidence proves that the resurrection happened" is an insight to the thinking of these guys. StephenB said something similar recently.

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