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(Permalink) Posted: Mar. 20 2009,20:43   

Quote (Reciprocating Bill @ Mar. 21 2009,12:17)
Unpleasant Biped sums up:

Upright BiPed
5:36 pm
Iíve been quietly keeping score on this thread. since comment #186...

...And that leads us to Numero Uno, the Big Kahuna. The man who demands an answer, the man that lives up to his moniker, the man who missed the very first pitch, none other than Reciprocating Bill with an amazing 20 trys at hitting the ball.

What does that even mean? "The man who lives up to his moniker?" And some of that shit is downright weird. You really got to get on the ground and interact with these guys to feel how weird it is. Particularly Unpleasant Biped.

But my comment is still in moderation. I'm keeping the Blogczar thread spun up and waiting while they wrestle with the ridiculous hypocrisy of the action they are contemplating, in the very thread that announces,
As a general rule, so long as your comment is not defamatory profane, or a vicious personal attack, you can say pretty much what you want...if you keep your comments restricted to ideas and not attacking people, you should have no problems passing muster here.

I think that you will find that you are on permanent moderation. Your sin is insisting that they answer questions.

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