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Quote (Hermagoras @ Mar. 19 2009,18:57)
Quote (Ra-Úl @ Mar. 19 2009,18:39)
Quote (Hermagoras @ Mar. 19 2009,16:18)
I've been commenting at UD (I'm kellogg) but I've got to pull back.  It is fucking depressing to try and engage in civil conversation with the regulars there. Not kairosfocus, he's just kind of fun, or joseph, who is a baby/bully, but the seemingly more civil folks who turn out to be full of ID marshmallow fluff.  They are like the big snot monster that attacks a city (I forget which) in the opening page of Gravity's Rainbow.  Talk is impossible, because they'll suck you up. Talk injures my (material) soul.

Adenoid Monster. London. Apparently Lord Blatherard Osmo's adenoid. I worry that I know this. OK, I don't.

Thank you!  It's been a while.  

Everybody should read that book.   Don't despair if the coprophagia scene at about page 300 is too disgusting for words.  It's still a fantastic book, and as an aside, you learn a whole bunch of weird detail about the history of the German dye industry and its relation to the re-militarization of the German economy in the 20s and 30s.  Plus, rockets and erections!  Also, a scene involving British candies that's almost as disgusting as the shit-eating episode.

Pynchon rocks.


Those who know the truth are not equal to those who love it-- Confucius

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