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Quote (midwifetoad @ Mar. 03 2009,05:46)
So GAs are efficient at navigating gradients, but no better than brute force at climbing towers.

So it must piss off folks like Behe when the obvious towers are associated with things like malaria and dysentery. The skyhooks are mostly shithooks.

I used to use a GAs in my coding. I think that the descriptions here are missing one point. There are other search algorithms that will climb the hills more efficiently but they tend to get stuck on a local maxima. We tended to use variants of Newton's method.
When I read about GAs in Scientific American, I went Ahhh. GAs combines testing more of the total landscape as well as cimbing any maximas.

I may have been using GAs in a totally inappropriate way because I didn't go beyond the SA article, but it did make me a hero a few times with a C program getting an optimal answer in 30 minutes, compared to the Math graduate who's MatLab model took 3 days to calculate an answer on a model that left out most of the complexity (and the answer was wrong anway)

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