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Quote (olegt @ Mar. 02 2009,05:33)
gpuccio thinks that code duplication is a sign of design:
I would like to comment that the duplication of a piece of software program, to the purpose that the programmer may work on it and transform it according to his plans, is a very common step in computer programming (and in many other forms of design), and allows the designer to reuse the parts which can be kept in the new item. So, I have always considered gene duplication as a very likely signature of design.

He has probably never written programming code.  According to Wikipedia, "code duplication is generally considered a mark of poor or lazy programming style."

It actually works against ID. In a program you would not duplicate a piece of code, you just modify the original code so it can be used by different parts of the system.

However, you might pinch a piece of code from an unrelated project to stop reinventing the wheel.

So ID would predict many exceptions to common descent ...

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